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hetalia_icons's Journal

axis powers hetalia icon community
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All Members , Moderated

Hello and welcome to hetalia_icons! Feel free to post any icons or other graphics you wish to share, as long as you obey a few rules:

01. Please respect the work of other people.
02. Please do not link back to members-only or otherwise locked posts.
03. If posting more than three icons at a time (or any number of bigger graphics) please use an lj-cut.
04. If you post fanart icons, then please credit the original artist at least (a link to their site is fine). Ideally, only post when given permission of using the fanart, but we realize this is not always possible.
05. Please keep all your posts on topic and do not spam.
06. If any of your icons should contain not work-safe material, please state so outside the lj cut.
07. For easier organizing, please tag your entries with the type of graphics included - icons, wallpapers, friends-only banners, headers, other.
08. Don't mini-mod, especially in regard to fanart icons - this is too much of a delicate issue.

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